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Top 5 Best Decks for Minion Masters 2023: A Beginner’s Guide

Minion Masters is a popular game enjoyed by thousands of players around the world. With new releases and updates constantly being added, it can be overwhelming for players to decide on the best deck to use. Choosing the right deck is crucial for success in the game and moving up the leaderboard rankings. Here’s our list of the best decks in minion masters in 2023.

Best Beginner Decks For Minion Masters in 2023

To help players navigate this process, we’ve put together a guide on the best decks for beginners. These decks are all free to acquire and are suitable for players just starting out.

1. Crossbow Guild Stormbringer

This deck is easy to play and is filled with common cards. It’s also affordable, costing only 800 Shards. The strategy with this deck is to use low-cost cards to eventually acquire Living Statue and Crossbow Guild. Once these are on the bridge, they will allow you to spawn more units, putting you in a strong position to win the game. If you find yourself short on mana, you can use the powerful Fireball to annihilate your enemies.

2. Overall Stormbringer Succubus

This is an expensive deck, costing 1100 Shards, but it’s worth the investment. It’s a powerful deck that includes many meta-cards that consistently feature in the best Minion Masters card lists. With this deck, you can overpower your enemies with the devastating Stun Lancers and tank like an immovable rock with the mighty Cleaver. This deck can be customized to fit your needs and further increase its power.

3. Stormbringer Deck

This is one of the most affordable decks for beginners, costing only 650 Shards and 3.3 mana cost. Don’t let the low cost fool you, as it’s a powerful deck that can put more expensive decks to shame if played properly. It doesn’t require any Supremacy or Legendary units, making it easy to set up and use. With careful play, you can even reach Masters elo quickly with this build.

Best Minion Masters Deck for Advanced Players

These decks are the most expensive and top-end card decks in the game. If you’re an advanced player, these decks can provide you with a lot of power.

4. Strong Mordar

This powerful deck allows you to defend and attack with equal effectiveness. It can counteract many enemy strategies and foil their plans. You can counter Colossus with the powerful Re-Boomer and negate Cleaver with its powerful AoE damage. This is a reactive build that allows you to counterattack your enemy’s aggressive moves. Once you have earned enough mana, you can progress quickly with Cleaver tanking your enemies and Xiao Long providing superior support. The Mordar Deck is reasonably priced at 8900 Shards and on average it costs only 3.8 mana.

5. Diona 2-Player Deck

This deck is perfect for controlling the Bridge and it’s especially effective when playing against Nyrvir. To build this deck, you’ll need 1 Supreme and 4 Legendary units, making it one of the more expensive options in the game. However, its power is well worth the 9050 Shards it costs.

This deck is designed to counter most meta-deck builds and it’s aggressive pusher is the impressive Stormy. Using the Diona 2v2 deck requires patience both in building it and in playing it, as most battles with this deck tend to be long-term. However, with proper strategy and execution, you’ll come out victorious in most cases.

The average mana cost for the Diona Deck is 3.7.

This guide provides a starting point for players to choose the best deck for their needs. Keep in mind that the meta is constantly changing and new strategies are always being developed. It’s important to keep an eye on the latest developments and adapt your deck and playstyle accordingly. Additionally, practice and experience are key to making informed decisions on which cards to include in your deck and how to use them effectively. Ultimately, the key to success in Minion Masters is to have fun and enjoy the game while always looking for ways to improve.

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