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Best Meals in Fire Emblem: Engage

Fire Emblem: Engage is a popular strategy RPG game that offers players a unique blend of tactical combat and character building. One of the key elements of building your characters in the game is by providing them with the best meals possible. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top meals in Fire Emblem: Engage and what makes them so special.

The Best Meals That We Know So Far

Cabbage-and-Nut Salad – best Clanne and Vander

Description: A mix of fresh cabbage and assorted nuts, topped with dressing just before serving.

Effects: Mag +1, Res +1

Usable Ingredients: Cabbage, Nuts

Characters who like it: Clanne, Vander

Best Chef: TBD

Steak Fries – best Boucheron and Chloé meal

Description: Thick-cut potato fries, to be eaten with a preferred condiment

Effects: Str +1, Def +1, Res +1

Usable Ingredients: Potato, Spices, and Eggs

Characters who like it: Boucheron, Clanne, Chloé, Yunaka

Best Chef: TBD

How to Obtain the Best Meals in Fire Emblem: Engage

There are several ways to obtain the top meals in Fire Emblem: Engage. The most reliable method is to purchase them from the market in the Monastery. This is the main hub of the game where players can purchase items, recruit new characters, and take on side quests.

Another way to obtain the top meals in Fire Emblem: Engage is to cook them yourself. Players can collect ingredients and recipes from around the game world and use them to cook meals in the kitchen at the Monastery. Cooking meals yourself can be a bit more time-consuming, but it also allows players to experiment with different ingredient combinations and discover new meals.

Finally, players can also obtain the top meals in Fire Emblem: Engage as rewards for completing certain quests or defeating powerful enemies. These meals are usually rare and powerful, and can give players a significant edge in combat.

This game offers players a wide variety of meals to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. By understanding the top meals in the game and how to obtain them, players can give their characters the edge they need to succeed in combat.

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