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Detective Pikachu 2: Info & News

The Plot of Detective Pikachu 2

While details on the plot of Detective Pikachu 2 are scarce, it’s been confirmed that the film will continue to follow the adventures of the titular Pokémon detective and his human partner Tim Goodman. Fans of the original film will remember that the first film ended with a cliffhanger, leaving the door open for a sequel. Given the popularity of the first film, it’s no surprise that a follow-up is in the works.

The Cast and Crew of Detective Pikachu 2

The original film’s lead actor, Justice Smith, is set to reprise his role as Tim Goodman in the sequel. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds will once again voice Detective Pikachu. It’s not yet clear who will join the cast, but fans are eagerly awaiting news on who will play the new characters.

As for the crew, Rob Letterman, who directed the original film, will return to the director’s chair for Detective Pikachu 2. Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit, who wrote the script for the first film, are also said to be working on the sequel.

What to Expect from Detective Pikachu 2

Based on the success of the first film, we can expect this movie to be just as fun and exciting as its predecessor. The film will likely continue to mix live-action with CGI, bringing the world of Pokémon to life in a way that’s never been seen before. With the same creative team on board, fans can expect the movie to be just as action-packed and filled with humor as the first film.

Release Date for Detective Pikachu 2

Unfortunately, the release date has yet to be announced. Given the current state of the film industry, it’s possible that the film may be delayed. However, fans are hoping that the sequel will be released sometime in 2023.

The movie is one of the most highly-anticipated sequels of the year, and fans are eagerly awaiting more information on the film. Whether you’re a fan of the Pokémon franchise or just a fan of good filmmaking. Stay tuned for more updates on the film, and don’t forget to check back for more information on the release date.

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