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Diablo 2 Controls: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox S/X & PC

As Diablo 2 Resurrected released, players are returning to the classic hack-and-slash RPG. The war against the forces of the infernal Diablo continues anew, as the game once again takes its place among the current RPG scene. However, with its age, there are likely to be some players who never played the original PC release. With New Controls for Diablo 2, a lot of people will be looking for the controls, especially for the Switch as it may not be as obvious as the other platforms.

The remastered version of the game includes the same controls and basic UI, which may be familiar to old-school gamers but may be confusing for new players. To help navigate these systems, we have put together a guide on various aspects of the game, including socketing items, Runewords and the gambling system. Additionally, the system requirements for the remastered version have also been revealed.

To make it easier for players, we have also included control schemes for the remastered version of the game across various platforms, including Diablo 2 Controls for PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Here are the control schemes for each platform:

Diablo 2 PS4 and PS5:

Emote WheelR
Belt Slot 1Left D-pad
Belt Slot 2Right  D-pad
Belt Slot 3Down  D-pad
Belt Slot 4Up  D-pad
Skill 1Square Button
Skill 2/InteractCross Button
Skill 3Circle Button
Skill 4Triangle Button
Skill 5R1
Skill 6R2
Show Item LabelsL1
Skill ToggleL2
Game/Character MenuOptions
MiniMapTouch Pad

Diablo 2 Xbox One and Series X|S:

Emote WheelR
Belt Slot 1Left D-pad
Belt Slot 2Right  D-pad
Belt Slot 3Down  D-pad
Belt Slot 4Up  D-pad
Skill 1X Button
Skill 2/InteractA Button
Skill 3B Button
Skill 4Y Button
Skill 5RB
Skill 6RT
Show Item LabelsLB
Skill ToggleLT
Game/Character MenuMenu Button
MiniMapView Button

Diablo 2 Nintendo Switch:

MoveLeft Stick
Emote WheelRight Stick
Belt Slot 1Left D-button
Belt Slot 2Right  D-button
Belt Slot 3Down  D-button
Belt Slot 4Up  D-button
Skill 1Y Button
Skill 2/InteractB Button
Skill 3A Button
Skill 4X Button
Skill 5R Button
Skill 6ZR
Show Item LabelsL Button
Skill ToggleZL
Game/Character Menu+ Button
MiniMap– Button

Diablo 2 PC:

Move/Left handLMB
Move/Right handRMB
Previous SkillMouse Wheel Up
Next SkillMouse Wheel Down
Show belt~
Belt Slot 11 Key
Belt Slot 22 Key
Belt Slot 33 Key
Belt Slot 44 Key
Skill TreeT
Skill Speed BarS
Skill 1F1
Skill 2F2
Skill 3F3
Skill 4F4
Skill 5F5
Skill 6F6
Skill 7F7
Skill 8F8
Character ScreenA
Inventory ScreenI
Party ScreenP
Mercenary ScreenO
Message LogM
Quest LogQ
Help ScreenH
Swap WeaponsW
Toggle Run/WalkR
Stand StillShift
Show ItemsAlt
Show PortraitsZ
Clear AutomapF9
Fade AutomapF10
Party on AutomapF11
Names on AutomapF12
Toggle MiniMapV
Say ‘Help’Num Pad 0
Say ‘Follow me’Num Pad 1
Say ‘This is for you’Num Pad 2
Say ‘Thanks’Num Pad 3
Say ‘Sorry’Num Pad 4
Say ‘Bye’Num Pad 5
Say ‘Now you die’Num Pad 6
Say ‘Retreat’Num Pad 7
Screen ShotPrint Screen
Clear ScreenSpace
Clear MessagesN
Legacy ToggleG

With these resources, players should have everything they need to know to navigate the somewhat archaic systems of Diablo 2 Resurrected and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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