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Interchange: A Realistic and High-Pressure Map in Escape from Tarkov

Interchange is one of the largest maps in Tarkov, featuring a sprawling shopping mall, multiple levels, and various stores and businesses. The map is set in the fictional city of Tarkov and is based on a real-life shopping mall in Russia.

The Extractions in Interchange

Emercom Checkpoint

This extract is for both PMC’s and Scavs

Railway Exfil

This extract is for both PMC’s and Scavs

Hole in the Fence

This extract is only for PMC’s, you can’t have any backpack on you if you wanna extract

Power Station Vehicle Extract

This extract is only available for PMC’s but you’re gonna have to bring 5000 Rubles to be able to extract

Saferoom Exfil

This extract is only for PMC’s, you’re gonna have to activate this extract in order to use this extraction to do so you’ll need a key card called “Object 11SR Keycard” and you’re gonna also need to do 2 other things one being activating the power at the power station and flushing the toilet at the “Burger Spot” inside of the Mall of Interchange
Object 11SR Keycard

This extract requires both a PMC and Scav to be together if you wanna extract

Here’s a full map of Interchange with Key Locations

This map is known for its high loot density, making it a popular map for players looking to find valuable items. However, the map is also known for it’s high player traffic, making it a challenging map for players looking to avoid engagement.

The Boss inside of Interchange

Killa is the boss of Interchange. He’s is a high-level PMC operative with a reputation for being ruthless and efficient and is heavily armed and armored, making him a formidable opponent for players. He is known to patrol the map, making him a constant threat for players in the area. Some players choose to engage Killa for the valuable loot he drops, while others avoid him to stay alive.


In conclusion, Interchange is a map that offers a lot of opportunities for players looking for loot and challenges for players looking to avoid engagement. Killa is a boss that players should be aware of and well-prepared for if they choose to engage him. Extraction points are various and easy to find, but some of them are hot spots for players, so be careful when trying to extract. Players will often sit and camp most of these extracts since there are so few of them.

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