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Navigating the Challenges of the Lighthouse Map in Escape from Tarkov: Extractions and the Lighthouse Boss

“Lighthouse” is a map in the popular game “Escape from Tarkov.” This map is set in a lighthouse and surrounding coastal area, offering players a unique and challenging environment to navigate.

The Extraction Points

Northern Checkpoint

This extract is only for PMC’s

Southern Road

This extract is only for PMC’s

Mountain Pass

This extract is only for PMC’s, you’ll gonna have to have a Red Rebel ice pick or 1 Paracord on you, and you can’t have any armor on you aswell

Road to Military Base Vehicle Extract

This extract is only available for PMC’s but you’re gonna have to bring 5000 Rubles to be able to extract

Industrial Zone Gates

This extract is only for Scavs

Hideout Under the Landing Stage

This extract is only for Scavs

Armored Train

This extract is for both PMC’s and Scavs, you’ll gonna have to wait for it between 15-20 minutes before it arrives at the train yard

Path to Shoreline

This extract is for both PMC’s and Scavs

Side Tunnel

This extract requires both a PMC and Scav to be together if you wanna extract

Scav Hideout at the Grotto

This extract is only for Scavs

Southern Road Landslide

This extract is only for Scavs

Here’s a full map of Reserve with Key Locations

The New Boss and the Lighthouse Keeper

Another important aspect of the Lighthouse map is the new boss that has been added to the game, known as the “Zryachiy” This boss is a heavily armed and armored enemy that patrols the lighthouse and its surrounding areas. Defeating the Lighthouse Keeper can be challenging, as he is heavily armored and has a variety of weapons at his disposal. However, taking him down will yield valuable loot for players. And when you defeat the boss you can walk up to the Lighthouse and talk to the “Lighthouse Keeper.”


Lighthouse Keeper

Overall, the Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov offers players a unique and challenging environment with a variety of extraction points and a new, formidable boss to contend with. It’s a map that requires a different approach and different skills from the players, making it a challenging and thrilling experience.

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