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Call of Duty

Infinity Ward Confirm MW2 Hardcore is Coming in Season 2.

Infinity Ward has announced that Season 2 of MW2 will feature the Hardcore mode

When the game released, the popular playlist was nowhere to be found, with the developers assuring gamers that they would find a comparable experience in the Tier 1 playlists which were included with the commencement of Season 1.

Although this style is an alteration of Hardcore, it is not completely identical, and devotees have been eager to return to what they are used to.

Though details are still scarce, people can start to get ready for the no-HUD experience once again. This tweet has given us the heads up.

Hardcore Officially Confirmed

Infinity Ward has declared that Hardcore mode will be available in the second season of MW2.

Although there is limited contrast between Tier 1 and Hardcore, the gameplay changes drastically as a result of these disparities.

In both games, the presence of friendly fire and lowered health are shared elements, however, the difference between a successful game and a failure for those not actively monitoring the map could be the difference between T1’s restricted HUD and HC’s lack of it altogether.

It has not been revealed what Modern Warfare 2 game modes will include Hardcore versions, however, more information will be given in the Season 2 update blog later this week from IW.

What Hardcore Gamemodes to expect

Should T1 be the trendsetter, spectators should anticipate a selection of these alternatives:

  • Team Deathmatching
  • Taking Control
  • Search & Destroying
  • Hardpointing
  • Headquartersing
  • Killing Confirmed
  • Free For All
  • Dominating

To be in the know about the recent developments of Season 2, check out our gaming section, or click the Call of Duty tag at the bottom.

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