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Payday 3

Payday 3 New Teaser Released | Latest News & Information

It’s been nearly 10 years since the launch of Payday 2, and fans of the Payday series are eagerly awaiting the today’s installment in the franchise. While there’s been no official word on the release date of Payday 3, there have been lots of rumors and speculation about what the game will entail. Here’s a look at the contemporary Payday 3 news and what we can expect from the game.


First, let’s take a seem at the storyline of Payday 3. It’s expected that the game will take location in New York City, as confirmed by the latest teaser on the Official Payday Twitter Account and it seems likely that the heist will involve a most important bank or political figure. There are also rumors that the game will function NPCs with unique personalities and interactions with the player, as well as a new weapon customization system.

Payday 3 New Teaser

The official Payday Twitter blessed everyone with a small clip advertising the release of the Payday 3 steam listing. It shows a small video of the protagonists looking out over New York City before cutting to the text “This Is The Year Of PayDay 3” It’s not a whole lot, but still a nice addition to the images released earlier this year.


Payday 3 gameplay – It’s expected that the game will feature extended AI and a more realistic physics engine, as well as a higher focus on cooperative play. There are also rumors that the game will introduce a new “skill tree” system, which will permit players to customize their character’s abilities and weapons. Unfortunately, these are given presumptions that almost seem obvious but that’s truley how much information is out there about this game.

Latest News

Finally, let’s speak about the latest news regarding the game’s development – In December 2020, developer Starbreeze Studios announced that the game is “coming along truely well” and that it will be set in New York City. It’s been confirmed that the game will be released in 2023, just not with a specific date yet.

There is still plenty of information and rumors surrounding the game, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Keep an eye out for extra news about the game in our Payday 3 section.

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