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The Impact of Among Us on the Gaming Industry: Streamability, Accessibility, and Social Gaming

Among Us is the famous indie game that was released in 2018, that became an overnight sensation in 2020. The game has seen a rapid rise in popularity due to a combination of a couple of factors, such as its unique and interesting asymmetrical multiplayer, its ability to carry together popular streaming personalities, and its low price point. But what does the game’s success imply for the future of gaming?

Streaming & Sociability

First and foremost, Among Us has demonstrated the power of streaming culture on the gaming industry. The recreation was almost invisible on the platform up until mid-2020, however it quickly became one of the most popular video games on Twitch due to its “streamability”. Its popularity has inspired countless men and women to try out the game for themselves, resulting in a 45,000-percent make bigger in viewership from June to August. This shows that the streaming culture is an integral phase of how a game is received in a greater sense, and streamers will proceed to be important for the success of a game.

The success of Among Us also demonstrates the importance of simplicity and accessibility in gaming. The sport has a relatively simple, easy-to-learn premise that is easy to pick up and play. Additionally, its low $5 rate point makes it one of the most popular “bang-for-your-buck” games on the market. This suggests that the gaming industry is shifting towards greater accessible and affordable titles, which could have a big impact on the industry moving forward.

The Future of Social Gaming

Finally, the success of Among Us indicates the potential of social gaming. The game allows gamers to interact with each other in real-time, developing a unique environment where they can join with each other. This has been a major factor in the game’s success, and it suggests that social gaming will become an even bigger part of the gaming enterprise in the future.

The success of Among Us has demonstrated the power of streaming culture, the importance of accessibility, and the potential of social gaming. These factors will continue to be important for the success of future games. The success of Among Us will serve as a blueprint for different developers in the gaming industry.

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