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Call of Duty

Dr Disrespect Declares Warzone 2 as the “Worst Call of Duty” Ever, Cites Lack of Post-Launch Content

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm’s list of things that please him is short, consisting mainly of sipping his newly launched Steel Bourbon whisky and defending himself against critics of the pre-released footage and title of his upcoming game, Deadrop. He has grown disenchanted with Call of Duty, the franchise with which he used to work, and it seems his tether to it has reached its end.

After months of criticizing the legacy of the original Warzone, Dr Disrespect has now taken aim at the sequel, calling it the “worst Call of Duty” ever. The main reason for his disapproval is the lack of post-launch updates for Warzone 2, which has only received a few major glitch hotfixes in the two months since its release. Many other content creators share similar concerns and fears for the game’s longevity.

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Dr Disrespect’s recent stream saw him eliminated by a classic Riot Shield user, causing his anger to boil over and resulting in him taking a swing at the longevity of Warzone 2. He stated, “We’re in a state where this game’s shelf life is not much longer, let’s just all be real with each other. I know there’s a lot of hardcore Call of Duty guys, me included, but let’s all be realistic about it – this game is the worst Call of Duty ever.”

The Doc, as he’s known, a once long-time advocate of Call of Duty, having been a developer for Sledgehammer Games on Advanced Warfare. His frustration with the lack of post-launch content is a sentiment shared by many other content creators, who also fear for the future of Warzone 2.

Dr Disrespect’s comment that Warzone 2 is the “worst Call of Duty ever” is a bold statement, especially considering the franchise’s previous releases like Infinite Warfare and Vanguard, which were not well received by the community. It remains to be seen how the developers will address these concerns and if they can bring new life to the game.

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