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Shoreline: A Dynamic and Challenging Seaside Map in Escape From Tarkov

This map is set in a seaside resort area and boasts a wide range of buildings and structures, including hotels, apartments, and a pier. Furthermore, the map is known for its large open areas, which make it an ideal choice for players looking for long-range engagements. Additionally, the map offers a dynamic and challenging environment with a variety of opportunities for players to engage in combat.

The Extraction for Shoreline

Road to Customs

This extract is for both PMC’s and Scavs


This extract is only for PMC’s

Path to Lighthouse

This extract is only for PMC’s

Pier Boat

This extract is only for PMC’s

Admin Basement

This extract is only for Scavs

East Wing Gym

This extract is only for Scavs


This extract is only for Scavs

North Fence Passage

This extract is only for Scavs

Railway Bridge

This extract is only for Scavs

Ruined House Fence

This extract is only for Scavs

Ruined Road

This extract is only for Scavs

Svetliy Dead End

This extract is only for Scavs

Here’s a full map of Shoreline

The Boss of Shoreline

Escape From Tarkov’s Shoreline map presents players with a formidable opponent in Sanitar. He’s equipped with heavy arms and armor and wields top-of-the-line gear and weapons. Players can typically find him near the Health Resort hotel or by the Pier. To defeat him, players must be willing to take risks and engage in intense combat. The reward for this effort is valuable loot and the satisfaction of defeating a challenging opponent.

Lastly there are AI controlled characters that guard Sanitar and can be equally as strong, making the task of defeating him more difficult, furthermore they guard him in the Health Resort Hotel or The pier with 50/50 chances that he’ll either spawn at the Health Resort Hotel or The Pier, so players must be prepared for a fight and be cautious. In Addition to these points, you’ll have other players to worry about, who can also be hunting him for his loot rewards & XP, moreover, there could be an increased amount of AI Scav activity in the area, to add to your troubles.


However, for those players who are willing to take on the challenge, the reward is well worth the effort. Upon successfully defeating Sanitar, players can loot his body and find valuable items, including the “Labs Access Keycard” which can be used to access the map “The Lab” where even more valuable loot can be obtained, lastly – Killing Sanitar does appear in a couple different quests so it may become a requirement to kill him if progression is what you’re looking for.

Labs Access Keycard


Shoreline, a challenging and dynamic map, presents a plethora of opportunities for players seeking a mix of long-range engagements and close-quarters combat.

Additionally, its various extraction points, scattered throughout the map, and the formidable boss Sanitar, add an extra layer of excitement and danger to the gameplay. Furthermore, the map’s unique setting of a seaside resort area, with a variety of buildings and structures, such as hotels and apartments, also contribute to the overall complexity and realism of the game. Moreover, the presence of extraction points and the boss Sanitar, makes the gameplay more challenging and dynamic, providing players with a variety of opportunities to test their skills and strategies. Additionally, the map’s seaside setting also adds to the overall atmosphere and immersion of the game, making it feel more realistic.

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