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How Many Spells Are In Hogwarts Legacy? Full List

With the official release of Hogwarts Legacy just around the corner, and the early access already rolled out. One thing that people may be wondering is; how many spells are in Hogwarts Legacy and what do they all do? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the full list of all Hogwarts Legacy Spells and abilities they hold.

Hogwarts Legacy Spell List & What They Do

  1. Levioso: Levitates the targer. Can defeat yellow shields.
  2. Avada Kedavra: The Killing Curse. Instantly kills the target.
  3. Alohomora: Allows you to pick locks. Can be upgraded.
  4. Petrifcus Totalus: Paralyzes weaker enemies and damages tougher ones. Used as a stealth attack.
  5. Expelliarmus: Disarms an enemy and causes damage. Can break red shields.
  6. Ancient Magic Throw: Throws a nearby object at target.
  7. Accio: Pulls the target toward you. Can defeat purple shields.
  8. Bombarda: Most powerful fire spell. Explodes on impact. Defeats red shields.
  9. Transformation: Transforms target into another object. Breaks yellow shields.
  10. Revelio: Reveals nearby objects. Works through most walls.
  11. Beast Feed: Used to feed beasts.
  12. Incendio: Short-range spell that sets fire to a target. Can defeat red shields.
  13. Flippendo: Flips target. Can defeat purple shields.
  14. Beast Petting Brush: Used to groom beasts.
  15. Depulso: Projects a strong force that repulses targets. Breaks purple shields.
  16. Imperio: The Imperius Curse. Cause the target to switch allegiances and fight on your side temporarily.
  17. Stupefy: Used when you get a perfect block with Protego. Stuns enemies momentarily.
  18. Repairo: Can repair some objects.
  19. Conjuring Spell: Used to conjure items in the Room of Requirement.
  20. Arresto Momentum: Slows the target temporarily. Beats yellow shields.
  21. Glacius: Freezes enemies temporarily. Can break yellow shields.
  22. Evanesco: Removes items in the Room of Requirement and refunds Moonstones spent on them.
  23. Altering Spell: Used to alter items you’ve placed in the Room of Requirement.
  24. Basic Spell: Shoots a small bolt of magic from your wand.
  25. Crucio: The Torture Curse. Causes the target to writhe with pain and causes damage over time.
  26. Lumos: Generates a light at the tip of your wand. Canceled by any action.
  27. Protego: Generate a temporary shield to absorb damage.
  28. Nab-Sack: Used to deploy a bag to rescue beasts.
  29. Diffindo: Slashes targets like a blade. Can defeat red shields.
  30. Disillusionment: Makes you invisible (but not silent) — functions as a stealth mode.
  31. Descendo: Slams target downward. Breaks purple shields.
  32. Confringo: Launches a long-range fireball. Does less damage than Incendio. Can break red shields.
  33. Ancient Magic: Your super attack. Casts a random devastating type of magic on an enemy.
  34. Wingardium Leviosa: Levitates targets like Levioso and lets you move them with the D-Pad.

That’s all for the list of Hogwarts Legacy Spells. 34 in total. Were you expecting more, less? We think it’s pretty balanced and doesn’t over complicate things. Considering how spells play into the game, too many would become cumbersome so 34 is a nice even number.

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