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League Of Legends: Aurelion Sol New Abilities

aurelion sol new abilites

Riot Games has recently revealed the new abilities for their champion Aurelion Sol in League of Legends. The updates to his abilities include changes to his stars, as well as a new ultimate ability.

Overview of Aurelion Sol’s New Abilities

Aurelion Sol’s passive ability, Center of the Universe, allows him to generate stars that orbit around him. These stars deal damage to enemies that they come into contact with. In the new update, the number of stars that can orbit around him at one time has been increased from 3 to 5. Additionally, the range at which the stars can orbit has been increased, allowing for greater coverage in team fights.

One of Aurelion Sol’s main abilities, Starsurge, has also undergone changes. The ability now deals more damage and has a wider area of effect. Additionally, the ability can now be used to reposition the stars, allowing for greater control and flexibility in combat.

Aurelion Sol’s second ability, Celestial Expansion, has been reworked entirely. The ability now causes all of the stars orbiting around him to expand, dealing damage to all enemies in a large area. This new ability can be used to create significant crowd control in team fights.

Finally, Aurelion Sol’s ultimate ability, Voice of Light, is a new addition to his kit. This ability causes a ring of stars to expand outwards from him, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. The ring of stars then collapse back in towards him, dealing additional damage to enemies caught in its path. This ability can be used to initiate team fights, or to finish off low-health enemies.

Strategies for Using Aurelion Sol’s New Abilities

With the increased number of stars and the ability to reposition them with Starsurge, players can use Aurelion Sol to create a “wall” of stars to block enemy movement. Additionally, the increased range of the stars allows for greater coverage in team fights, making it easier to hit multiple enemies at once.

Celestial Expansion is a powerful crowd control ability that can be used to disrupt the enemy team and set up kills for your team. This ability can also be used defensively to protect allies by pushing enemies away.

Voice of Light is a versatile ultimate ability that can be used to initiate team fights or to finish off low-health enemies. Players should be mindful of the timing of this ability and use it at the most opportune moment to maximize its effectiveness.

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