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HBO Max Reveals Details on Upcoming Miniseries “Love and Death” Based on 1980 Axe Murder and Starring Elizabeth Olsen

HBO Max Unveils First Look at Upcoming Miniseries ‘Love and Death’ Starring Elizabeth Olsen

HBO Max has released a first look at what’s coming soon, which includes the upcoming miniseries Love and Death, starring Elizabeth Olsen as the ax-wielding housewife. Premiering spring 2023, the series also stars Lily Rabe and Jesse Plemons as Betty and Allan Gore.

Love and Death is based on the true story of the 1980 axe murder of Betty Gore by housewife Candy Montgomery. The bone-chilling murder and trial that followed serves as the basis of the series, which was written by Emmy Award winning “Ted Lasso” co-creator Bill Lawrence, Emmy Award-winning “Ted Lasso” star, writer and co-executive producer Brett Goldstein and Jesse Plemons.

The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television, where Lawrence is under an overall deal, and Lawrence’s Doozer Productions. Lawrence, Goldstein, and Neil Goldman serve as executive producers. Robert Udashen, one of Montgomery’s trial attorneys, also served as an advisor.

For research, production turned to Jim Atkinson and Joe Bob Briggs’ book Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs, which featured exclusive interviews with the Montgomery and Gore families, as well as the Texas Monthly two-part article “Love and Death in Silicon Prairie.”

Olsen believes the continued fascination with the story rests on the complexities of the human condition. “When we don’t have answers to things and when things don’t add up, we have a continual intrigue because it’s about human behavior,” she says. “It doesn’t really matter if this happened 200 years ago, 40 years ago — when there’s something that puzzles us about human behavior that we can’t quite understand [and] don’t have all the answers to, we find it interesting.”

Series director and executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter (Homeland, Mad Men) doesn’t necessarily categorize the series as a true-crime series, instead calling it an “American tragedy.” “It’s the dark side of the American dream,” Glatter says.

Love and Death will be premiering in spring 2023. Be sure to tune in for this intriguing miniseries to find out how the story plays out.

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