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One Piece Odyssey 100% Achievement Guide

One Piece Odyssey 100% Achievement Guide


Chapter 1 Clear
Cleared chapter 1.

Chapter 2 Clear
Cleared chapter 2.

Chapter 3 Clear
Cleared chapter 3.

Chapter 4 Clear
Cleared chapter 4.

Chapter 5 Clear
Cleared chapter 5.

Chapter 6 Clear
Cleared chapter 6.

Chapter 7 Clear
Cleared chapter 7.

Chapter 8 Clear
Cleared chapter 8.

Final Chapter Clear
Cleared the final chapter.


Won 50 battles.

Battle Master
Won 300 battles.

Bond Battler
Activated 20 Bond Arts.

Bond Arts (Moves) are unlocked by fixing Memory Links.

Singular Strike
Did more than 10,000 damage to an enemy with a single attack.

Escape is Victory
Ran from three battles.

Challenge Enemy Beginner
Defeat one powerful challenge enemy.

Challenge Enemy Conqueror
Defeat all the powerful challenge enemies twice or more.

Challenge enemies become available after beating the boss of the final chapter. They take the form of 11 bright orange challenge cubes scattered across Memoria. You need to defeat all 11 bosses from these cubes twice (the 2nd time is a more juiced version of the boss). As a general tip, now is a good time to optimize your accessories to the absolute limit based on how you want to fight these bosses. You can equip TP efficiency accessories on Chopper to spam heals, and keep in mind that you can stack certain foods and trick balls to achieve and/or reduce greater-than-normal damage.

Challenge Cube Locations:

  1. Alubarna Ravine
  2. Near the Clocktower
  3. Inside the Royal Mausoleum
  4. Franky’s Hideout
  5. Tower of Law Underground Passage
  6. 3x Ox Bell Plaza
  7. Coliseum Path
  8. War Plateau
  9. Sunflower Field

Memory Links

Fixed a Fray
Cleared 5 Memory Links.

Certified Fray Fixer
Cleared all Memory Links.

Note: If you are unable to see any Memory Links, complete the Memoria first.

Memory Links are mini-instances that only a portion of your crew can access. Completing them rewards you with Bond Moves and the occasional accessory. Memory Links are marked as pink icons on your mini-map. Some Memory Links also have 2 parts before you get the Bond Move as a reward. None of the Memoria are particularly difficult and they’re all easy to spot on the map.

Crafting & Fusion

Note: Journeyman Cook and Trick Ball Beginner are cumulative (any recipe) unlike Top Cook and Trick Ball Whiz which require the creation of at least 1 of every Recipe/Trick Ball.

Journeyman Cook
Made 10 recipes.
See ‘Top Cook’

Top Cook
Made all recipes.

  • Small Drumstick
  • Scorpion and Clam Soup
  • Bedrock Salt Pasta
  • Sandora Dragon Steak Tips
  • Bronze Bat Soup
  • Sazae Kancho Pescatore
  • Banana Gator Pie
  • Herb-Grilled Bo Bo Bird

    Sanji Cook Level 2 required:
  • Flame Salisbury Steak
  • Thunder Soup
  • Ogre Sazae Kancho Carbonara
  • Ganzo’s Oden
  • Durian Gator Salad
  • Golden Jelly
  • Aqua Cabbage Roll
  • Elephant Tuna Saute

    Sanji Cook Level 3 required:
  • Shogun Jishi’s Steak
  • Rock Bear’s Strongarm Soup
  • Rose Squid Ink Pasta (Rose Squid Meat & Ink can be bought in Dressrosa’s General Store)
  • Fruit Gator Punch
  • Offal Soup with Sea Pig
  • Dogol Dragon’s Chilled Pasta
  • Jura Bird Pudding
  • Shay-King Parfait
  • Merchant Gelato
  • Dress-Shrimp Paella (Dress-Shrimp can be bought in Dressrosa’s General Store)
  • Fairy Pumpkin Gazpacho

Trick Ball Beginner
Made 10 Trick Balls.
See ‘Trick Ball Whiz’

Trick Ball Whiz
Made all Trick Balls.

Try picking up every shiny object you encounter and you should have no issues having the materials required.

  • Shabby Ball
  • Perfected Shabby Ball
  • Perfected Shabby Ball Plus
  • Ragged Ball
  • Perfected Ragged Ball
  • Perfected Ragged Ball Plus
  • Exhaust Ball
  • Perfected Exhaust Ball
  • Perfected Exhaust Ball Plus
  • Rundown Ball
  • Feeble Ball
  • Negative Ball
  • Perfected Negative Ball
  • Roast Chestnut Ball
  • Sleep Ball
  • Chilly Ball
  • Shocking Ball
  • Perfected Shocking Ball

Craft Enthusiast
Fused 5 accessories.

Chasing Champion
Fused 30 accessories.

Jewelry Master
Made an accessory with 4 effects.

By progressing your story, Robin eventually gains access to a 2nd tier of Fuse skill upgrades. This unlocks the 4th slot of any accessory which has them. Simply fill the slots through Fusion.

Crew Abilities

Gum-Gum Rocket
Traveled with Gum-Gum Rocket 100 times.

Usopp’s Slingshot
Used Usopp’s Shot 100 times.

Iron Door Slicer
Cut 20 doors with Zoro’s Door Slice.

You will encounter more than enough doors to slice through along the regular course of play. These doors respawn so it’s impossible to miss this achievement if you’re going for the 100%.

Franky Skywalk
Built a bridge 10 times with Franky Skywalk.

There are a total of 11 bridges you can build (1 of which is story-driven). Most of the materials you need can be obtained from the Dressrosa Memoria. See the area-related categories below for the maps showing where you can build bridges using Frank Skywalk.

  1. 1 in Desert Near Nanohana
  2. 1 in Great Sandy Desert
  3. 1 in Desert Near Alubarna
  4. 1 in Marineford
  5. 1 in Desert Near Alubarna
  6. 5 in New Royal Plateau – 1st Level
  7. 2 in Waford South

The next 3 achievements are for picking up quasi-collectibles that can only be obtained by the appropriate characters:

Archaeologist’s Appraisal
Robin collected 20 items with Archaeologist’s Appraisals.

Treasure Sensor
Nami collected 25 Items with Treasure Sensor.

Cook’s Nose
Sanji collected 25 items with Cook’s Nose.

Side Stories & Bounties

Pit Stop Amateur
Cleared 10 side stories.

Pit Stop Pro
Cleared all side stories.

With the exception of Alabasta, most side stories don’t show up until the Memoria is complete.


  • Madam Julie’s Pupil 1-3 – Hermit’s Cave
  • Yaya Cube Collector 1-19 – Circular Inland Sea
  • Waford Record 1-7 – Thunderhead Bluff
  • Challenge Cube 1 – Waford South

Alabasta Memoria

  • Master and student showdown – Nanohana
  • Hungry Navi Bird – Nanohana
  • Mediator Marzin – Spice Bean Plaza
  • Master and Student Rematch – Great Sandy Dunes
  • Grand Line Quiz Kid 1-3 – Sandy Oasis
  • Master and Student Final – Alubarna Ravine
  • More Important Than Berries – Eastern Highway
    First photograph:

    Second photograph:
  • Night Exterminator – Sandy Oasis
  • Talented Doctor – Alubarna
  • That Tea Tastes Thorny – Alubarna
  • Dance Rehearsal – Alubarna
  • Why Eye-lashes Enlisted – Alubarna
    Nanohana Aroma and Armor Shop:

    Alubarna Lotion merchant

    Vivi’s Maid
  • The Truth About Eye-lashes – Great Sandy Desert
  • Battlefield Courier – The Royal Army Garrison

Water 7 Memoria

  • Grand Line Quiz Lady 1-3 – Fountain Square
    Where to find her when she hides:
  • My Treasure – Cafe Park
    1st Doll:

    2nd Doll:

    3rd Doll:

    4th Doll:

    5th Doll:
  • Natural Underground Enemies – Canal Restaurant
  • Helping Iceberg 1-3 – Front of Mayoral Residence
  • Tavern Troubles Quest – Tavern Kajika

Marineford Memoria

  • A Prisoners Desire – Town Outskirts
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls – Ox Bell Plaza
  • Grand Line Quiz Madam 1-2 – South Town

Dressrosa Memoria

  • Grand Line Quiz Mister 1-3 – “Old” Royal Plateau Area
  • Taken by Tontattas – Coliseum Path
  • Behind the Girl in the Bushes – Coliseum Path
  • God Usopp 1 – Dressrosa City East
  • God Usopp 2 – Foot of New Royal Plateau
  • God Usopp 3 – Dressrosa City East
  • Someone I must Meet – Square, at Fountain
  • My Dearest Violet – Dressrosa City East
  • Rebuilding Dressrosa – N.R.P. Elevator

Journeyman Hunter
Turned in 10 bounties.

Bounty Hunter
Turned in all bounties.

Just like with Memory Links, some bounties don’t start appearing until after you’ve completed the Memoria. There are 30 bounties in total (10 each over 3 areas) and you typically can’t access all 10 bounties at once. You have to turn in all available bounties first before seeing the rest.

Cube Fragments

Cube Collector: Luffy
Collected 50 of Luffy’s cube fragments.

Cube Collector: Zoro
Collected 50 of Zoro’s cube fragments.

Cube Collector: Nami
Collected 30 of Nami’s cube fragments.

Cube Collector: Usopp
Collected 40 of Usopp’s cube fragments.

Cube Collector: Sanji
Collected 40 of Sanji’s cube fragments.

Cube Collector: Chopper
Collected 30 of Chopper’s cube fragments.

Cube Collector: Robin
Collected 30 of Robin’s cube fragments.

Cube Collector: Franky
Collected 20 of Franky’s cube fragments.

Cube Collector: Brook
Collected 6 of Brook’s cube fragments.

Most of Brook’s cubes are near the end of the game (Sky Tower).

Please note that there are typically more fragment cubes for each character than available skill upgrade slots. Zoro and Luffy in particular have extra cubes. This also means there are more cubes beyond what you need for each achievement. Please refer to the area-related sections and maps below for cube fragment locations. By following the maps, you’ll have enough cubes to get all the related achievements.

Yaya Cubes

Collected 99 Yaya Cubes.

Yaya Cubes are a precise number of collectibles that can be turned in for the Yaya Cube Collector quest chain. This quest chain has a total of 19 quests which require you to turn in 8 cubes for the 1st quest and 5 cubes for each quest for the next 18 quests. Before the chain begins, Madame Trade (the quest giver) takes 1 cube from you. This adds up to the total of 99 Yaya Cubes needed for Collector. Keep in mind that Yaya Cubes only exist in Memoria. There are no extra cubes!

  • 30 in Alabasta
  • 33 in Water Seven
  • 3 in Marineford
  • 33 in Dressrosa

Turning the Yaya Cubes in is not required for Collector, but it’s necessary to complete the chain to obtain the Pit Stop Pro achievement. Please refer to the area-related section and maps below for Yaya Cube locations and totals per area and sub-area.

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter
Opened all the locked treasure chests.

Locked treasure chests are the bright red treasure chests you won’t be able to open until close to the end of the game. The master key that unlocks all of them is obtained by completing all of the Zoner quiz side stories all the way up to Dressrosa. There are:

  • 8 in Waford
  • 4 in Alabasta
  • 5 in Water Seven
  • 1 in Marineford
  • 4 in Dressrosa

Please refer to the area-related sections and maps below for locked treasure chest locations.

Odyssey Master

Odyssey Master
The Mark of a True Adventurer

While the unlock conditions are not made clear in the description, we believe Odyssey Master is obtained through a combination of completing the Yaya Cubes and full map exploration.


Savings Savant
Obtained a total of 20,000,000 berries.

The 20M berries required are cumulative. This means you can spend your berries freely to buy those purple accessories from the Yoisa shops. Additionally, you’ll be earning more than enough berries per battle in the end game as you casually grind to level 70 for High Leveler.

Party Animal
Had 30 parties.

High Leveler
Got everyone past level 70.

Not much grinding is required to get your whole crew to level 70. However, the frequency at which you get Dramatic Battles will determine how fast you get this done. Dramatic Battles give a significant experience boost if you complete the conditions described when it occurs.

If you’re lucky, you may even get 2 Dramatic Battle conditions during the same fight which can exponentially increase your EXP gain by as much as 50 times!!

As a general rule, the best place to farm for EXP is the most advanced area you have access to. In terms of the end game, it’s the Purity Garden just before you fight the final boss of the game. Combined with a slight chance at the double Dramatic Battle experience gain, I managed to get 10 levels in 1 battle and shot way past the level required for this achievement. To maximize your opportunities at this massive exp gain, avoid wiping the entire enemy squad in 1 AoE attack so that there is a chance to trigger a 2nd Dramatic Battle condition.

Collectible Maps

The following maps will NOT cover ALL collectibles. Just enough to get 100% achievements. The only things that are fully covered are Yaya Cubes, Locked Chests, Bridges, and Tablets. Quasi-collectibles like the crewmate pickups (Berries/Ingredients/Archaeology) are plentiful and you only need 25 of each for the related achievement.

Legend Key

  • C = Fragment Cube
  • Y = Yaya Cube (2Y = 2 Cubes in 1) – MEMORIA ONLY
  • X = Chest
  • Xᴸ = Locked Chest
  • N = Nami’s Beli/Beri/Belly Pickup
  • S = Sanji’s Ingredient Pickup
  • R = Robin’s Archaeology Info Pickup
  • T = Tablet (Madame Stonely Side Story) – WAFORD ONLY

┌ Memoria

These first 4 arcs/areas are only accessible through Memoria. Keep in mind that Yaya Cubes only exist in these “memory worlds” within breakable objects. There is only 1 missable/one-time visit place (the 1st and 2nd bridge) in Water Seven, but this area does not have anything missable that’s essential to 100% achievement completion. Everywhere else can be revisited before you set sail during the final chapter.

├ Alabasta


  • 1 Locked Chest
  • 5 Yaya Cubes

Desert Near Nanohana

  • 1 Bridge (Franky Skywalk)
  • 1 Locked Chest
  • 4 Yaya Cubes

Great Sandy Desert

  • 1 Bridge (Franky Skywalk)
  • 2 Locked Chests
  • 4 Yaya Cubes

Desert Cave

  • 4 Yaya Cubes

Rain Dinners

Desert Near Alubarna

  • 1 Bridge (Franky Skywalk)
  • 4 Yaya Cubes
  • Rebel camp can be accessed after completing Alabasta.


  • 5 Yaya Cubes

Alubarna Royal Mausoleum

  • 4 Yaya Cubes

├ Water Seven

Water Seven Lower Coast

  • 2 Yaya Cubes

Water Seven City Area

  • 2 Locked Chests
  • 19 Yaya Cubes

Dock 1

  • 1 Locked Chest
  • 7 Yaya Cubes


  • 2 Locked Chests
  • 1 Yaya Cube

Tower of Law

  • 4 Yaya Cubes

One-time Visit Areas

Second Bridge Pier

  • 6 chests




First Bridge Pier

  • 7 chests




├ Marineford

  • 1 Bridge (Franky Skywalk)
  • 3 Yaya Cubes

└ Dressrosa

Dressrosa City Area

  • 3 Locked Chests
  • 26 Yaya Cubes

New Royal Plateau – 1st Level

  • 5 Bridges (Franky Skywalk)
  • 1 Locked Chest
  • 4 Yaya Cubes

New Royal Plateau – 1st Level – Stone Passage

New Royal Plateau – 2nd Level

  • 1 Yaya Cube

New Royal Plateau – 2nd Level – Sewer

New Royal Plateau – 3rd Level

  • 2 Yaya Cubes

┌ Waford

Waford South

  • 2 Bridges (Franky Skywalk)
  • 2 Tablets
  • 5 Locked Chests

Waford Central

  • 1 Locked Chest

├ King Kong Garden

  • 1 Tablet

├ Lake Shore Cave

├ Thunderhead Ruins

  • 1 Tablet

├ Dust Ruins

  • 1 Tablet

Mirror Room

Corridor Room

Plaza and Boss Room

  • 1 Tablet

├ Ice Block Ruins

Great Bottomless Waterfall

  • 1 Tablet

Experiment Rooms

  • 1 Tablet

Authors: Dreki & Jedo

You can check out the original article here – Original Post

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