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Understanding Augments in Fortnite and Their Functions

The highly popular online game Fortnite is known for constantly introducing new and innovative features. With the launch of Chapter 4, it has brought an unprecedented twist to the battle royale genre–the Reality Augments. This new system has the capability to drastically alter the way a match turns out, so it’s important to be aware of which Augments to pick and how to use them. In this guide, we will provide all the details needed to get the most out of this system.

Here’s a list of Augments in Fortnite

During a match, you’ll get to pick from two random Augments that can give you an advantage over your opponents. If you survive long enough, you can receive more Augments. These will last you until the end of the match but won’t carry over to the following game. If you don’t like the Augment you were given, you can reroll for a new one at no charge. However, if you want to keep rerolling, you’ll have to spend 100 gold bars each time.

The Augment collection can be found in its own tab, where a player can find out which ones they have currently discovered. As more Augments are likely to be added by Epic in the future, it is recommended to revisit this tab to stay up to date on any new ones.

What Fortnite Augments Are There & What Do They Do?

Here’s the list of Augments available and what each of them do:

  • Aerialist – Allows you to use your Glider for the remainder of the game.
  • Bloodhound – Opponents struck by your bows or guns will be marked for a brief period.
  • Bow Specialist – Faster drawing and reloading of bows, plus you regenerate arrows over time.
  • Bush Warrior – Restores your health and partial shields while you are in big natural vegetation.
  • Chug Gunner – Get a Chug Cannon.
  • Demolition Munitions – Objects you destroy may occasionally drop explosives, excluding player-made structures.
  • First Assault – The first shot from your assault rifle will cause bonus damage.
  • Forecast – You can always visualize the next storm circle.
  • Jelly Angler – Receive a fishing rod, which can be used to fish up Jellyfish from any location.
  • Light Fingers – Reloads for weapons using Light Ammo occur faster.
  • Mechanical Archer – Gives you a Mechanical Explosive Bow and Mechanical Shockwave Bow.
  • More Parkour – Your energy starts regenerating after you mantle or hurdle.
  • Party Time – You gain Balloons over time.
  • Pistol Amp – Pistols have an amplified magazine size.
  • Rifle Recycle – Weapons using medium ammo may not consume ammo.
  • Rushing Reload – When you sprint, your shotgun reloads slowly.
  • Soaring Sprints – When you sprint, you can jump higher and with less gravity.
  • Splash Medic – Chug Splash may be found in every container you open.
  • Storm Mark – When the storm changes, nearby enemies are pinged for a short duration.
  • Supercharged – Your vehicles will not require fuel and will have increased health.
  • Tactical Armory – Grants a Rare Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun.
  • Tricked Out – Entering a car or Truck gives it Chonkers and Cow Catcher.
  • Rift-jector Seat : Activates a rift jump shortly after your shield breaks
  • Shadow Striker : Shadow Bombs are found in chests and other containers
  • Icy Slide : After sliding, you get a temporary and slippery speed boost
  • Harvester : Destroying plants will drop Big Bush Bombs and forageable items, with the effects of forageable items increased for the remainder of the game.
  • Mythic Munition : A Mythic-level pistol is added to the player’s inventory.
  • Shotgun Striker : Shotguns provide siphon on hits against players.
  • Danger Hero : When your shield shatters, you briefly regenerate health and boost your movement speed.
  • Rarity Check : Eliminations with common or uncommon weapons bring you siphon.
  • Zero Chance : When you break an enemy’s shield, you get a temporary Zero Point Dash.
  • Peely’s Plunder : Receive a treasure map leading you to buried riches.

With the launch of Chapter 4 Season 1 for Fortnite, there are a number of new features added other than augments. Make sure to check out all the updates introduced in this version.

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