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Valorant’s ‘Episode 6 Act 1’ Update Brings a New Map and Game Mode: What You Need to Know

Riot Games released its newest Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 update this week, giving players a new Valorant experience. The popular hero shooter is getting a major update in the form of the new Valorants content including changes to map queues, patch notes and more. This update brings with it an all-new character, Ascent mode and more. Players will be able to check out the full list of updates on Riot Games’ official Twitter handle @PlayValorant. The release date for the new episode is currently unknown but players can expect it soon. The biggest addition to Episode 6 Act 1 is the introduction of a brand-new queue system that allows players to compete in up to five different game modes at any given time. 

Along with this, the new map called ‘Lotus’ has been added to the rotation options. This new map is set in an ancient ruin and it looks absolutely stunning! Many fans are already excited to jump into this new battleground and explore its vastness. The patch notes for Episode 6 Act 1 have also revealed various tweaks and changes that have been made to all maps as well as some bug fixes.

The most important change is the addition of the new Indian map, ‘Lotus’. This will now be added to the competitive map pool and promises to bring some exciting new mechanics. The map features destructible walls and doors, allowing players to get creative with their strategies when playing. Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 also brings a few other changes that have been revealed through leaks, such as a new way of dealing with spawn peeking on all maps. 

The most exciting addition is the new map called Lotus, which will be available on all competitive and unrated playlists. It takes place in the Western Ghats of India and has a unique design that encourages players to split up into multiple lanes and use verticality to their advantage. The release date for this update is estimated to be sometime in late June 2021, although the exact date has yet to be confirmed. This update also removes initial spawn peeking from all maps, making it easier for teams to focus on their favorite split strategies without fear of being outplayed early on.  

The newest map called Lotus is now available in the swiftplay beta and surprise lotus arrives in the newest battle pass. The beta queue will also offer a rank refresh and competitive queue as the new map enters competitive play this week. Players in the beta queue can now experience ranked matches on Lotus for the first time, giving them an early look at how this new map plays out before it enters into competitive play next week. As of right now, Araxys is set to join Lotuss’s ranks as one of VALORANT’s selectable maps for ranked matchmaking queues after its completion of a successful run through swiftplay. 

This week, VALORANT is proud to present a special bundle in the Valorant shop, featuring futuristic skins and sprays from the Araxys Collection. This new skin line is sure to captivate all players of VALORANT, as the sleek designs and colors will be sure to draw attention in-game. 

In-depth Patch Notes can be found here: Patch Notes 6.0

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