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Valorant | Episode 6 Act 1 | All the Info on The Newest Battle Pass

Valorant’s Episode 6 Act 1 introduces a brand new battle pass with an abundance of content for players to look forward to. Every course in the battle pass comes with its own set of rewards and unlocks, including new skins, weapon skins, and more. The pass is split up into various acts which are essentially levels that need to be completed in order to unlock everything it has to offer. The rewards for each act vary from weapon skins and cosmetics, as well as various other content.

Valorant’s Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass is no exception. This new battle pass includes a premium skin line, with themes like the New Year and Lunar New Year celebrations, as well as brand new weapon skins. On top of that, there will be the upcoming Season 2 Araxys Skinline and “gun buddies” that are exclusive to the battle pass. Not only does the battle pass offer these cosmetic rewards but also features cards with challenges that can earn you unique rewards for completing them. With all of these exciting new skins, features and cards to collect, this season’s battle pass is sure to be one of Valorants most popular yet! With its fantastic array of content and rewards, it’s no wonder why this season’s battle pass has been so highly anticipated by players around the world in anticipation for their next lunar-themed New Years celebration! 

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 has officially been released and with it comes a massive premium battle pass that players can purchase for an affordable price of 950 Valorant points. This battle pass is packed full of exquisite cosmetics, popular weapons, game sprays, and much more! The most anticipated reward in this battlepass would have to be the Venturi skin which is a rare cosmetic item that players can use to customize their weapons. This skin is sure to be a show-stopper on the battlefield as its silver and black design gives off an air of confidence and teamwork. With this new skin being added into the game, Riot Games are sure to make some waves in the gaming industry as they continue to provide quality content for all types of gamers. Players who purchase this premium content will also receive access to exclusive features such as weapon skins, emotes, sprays, XP boosts and much more! 

The new battlepass includes an array of game content that is sure to keep Valorant players engaged and entertained. This latest Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 patch brings with it a fresh map, various seasonal themes and an abundance of new cosmetics. The battle pass also introduces the ability to earn rewards while playing the game. Players can earn weapon skins, sprays, emotes and XP boosts as they progress through the various levels in the battle pass. The release of this new patch has been highly anticipated by Valorant players as it provides them with more options for customizing their characters as well as access to exclusive content such as special skins and emotes that are only available through this latest season’s battle pass. With so many features packed into one patch, there is no doubt that this will keep Valorant players entertained for months to come! 

In-depth Patch Notes can be found here: Patch Notes 6.0

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View More Valorant Content Here: www.hideouthq/Valorant

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